Other services we provide at R&ATS are: 

Contracted/Mandated Service
• Sexual Abuse Counseling
• Teen Support Groups (boys and girls)• Domestic Violence Counseling
• Court Ordered Individual Psychotherapy• Parenting Groups (English/Spanish)
• Anger Management (English/Spanish)

Coaching Services
• Executive Coaching (includes team building, leadership training and individualized coaching sessions

Emotional Well Being
In Home In Community Intensive Behavioral Health Services with a focus on Strengthening Families

• In Home Psychological Counseling & Coaching serving Children/Families, Couples
• In Office Setting:  Individual, Couples & Group Psychotherapy

Organizational Consulting Services
• Workshops/Seminars/Conferences- Trainings i.e, High Risk Indicators of Abuse and Neglect, Common Sense Parenting Skills techniques and facilitation, Complex Trauma in the workplace, Vicarious Traumatization, Self-Care, DBT in the workplace, and Cognitive Behavioral Strategies with Latino families. 

Immigration Services
• Extreme Hardship Immigration Evaluations at $1,000 per evaluation. Reports are done between 4 - 6 weeks after the interview. Interview is done in 2 parts. 1.5 hours each time. Payment plans are available. Please call for more information - (201) 839 - 6059 .