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Clinical Consultations & Social Work Supervision

Contracted/Mandated Service
• Sexual Abuse Counseling
• Teen Support Groups (boys and girls)
• Domestic Violence Counseling
• Court Ordered Individual Psychotherapy
• Parenting Groups (English/Spanish)
• Anger Management (English/Spanish)
Professional Consult, Clinical Consultations, in Jersey City, NJ
Couple, Clinical Consultations, in Jersey City, NJ
Woman, Clinical Consultations, in Jersey City, NJ
Two Women, Clinical Consultations, in Jersey City, NJ

Coaching Services

• Executive Coaching (includes team building, leadership training and individualized coaching sessions)


Emotional Well Being

In Home In Community Intensive Behavioral Health Services with a focus on Strengthening Families

• In Home Psychological Counseling & Coaching serving Children/Families, Couples
• In Office Setting:  Individual, Couples & Group Psychotherapy

Organizational Consulting Services

• Workshops/Seminars/Conferences- Trainings i.e, High Risk Indicators of Abuse and Neglect, Common Sense Parenting Skills techniques and facilitation, Complex Trauma in the workplace, Vicarious Traumatization, Self-Care, DBT in the workplace, and Cognitive Behavioral Strategies with Latino families. 

Intensive In-Community Services (IIC)

Intensive In-Community Services are flexible, multi-purpose, in-home/community clinical support services for parents/caregivers/guardians and children/youth with behavioral and emotional needs. The purpose of these IIC Services is to strengthen, stabilize and preserve the family unit in the community setting. IIC services are flexible both as to where and when they are provided. Intensive In-Community Services are designed to support the recipient at the time of day when the services are most needed and when the family may be most receptive to therapeutic intervention and skills training. This family-driven treatment is based on targeted needs identified in a comprehensive treatment plan. The treatment plan also includes specific intervention(s) with target dates for accomplishment of goals that focus on the restorative functioning of the child/youth with the intention of:

• Stabilizing the child/youth`s behavior(s) that led to the crisis
• Preventing/reducing the need for inpatient hospitalization
• Preventing the movement of the child/youth`s residence
• Preventing the need for out-of-home living arrangements

Intensive In-Community Services also aid in facilitating a child/youth`s transition from an intensive treatment setting, back to his/her community. Services are delivered with the goal of diminishing the intensity of treatment over time. The following are some of the possible interventions that may be implemented.

• Individual and family therapy
• Clinical consultation/evaluation
• Child/youth behavioral management
• Family counseling/psycho-education

Behavioral Assistance Services (BA)

Behavioral Assistance Services are specific, outcome-oriented services designed to augment other mental/behavioral health services included in a child/youth`s comprehensive treatment plan. Behavioral Assistance Services is a dynamic process of interventions designed to target specific behaviors that are interfering with a child/youth`s functioning. It includes ongoing evaluation resulting in effective modification of a child/youth`s identified behavior(s). They are components of an approved, written, detailed individualized behavioral assistance treatment plan prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral health care practitioner. Behavioral Assistance Services are designed to support the recipient at the time of day when the services are most needed and when the family may be most receptive to therapeutic intervention and skills training.
The goal of Behavioral Assistance Services involve applying positive behavioral principles within the community using culturally based norms to foster adaptive outcomes to enhance a child/youth`s behavior by developing and strengthening skills. The interventions utilized by the behavioral assistant should result in sustainable positive behavioral changes that improve functioning in a variety of life domains, including but not limited to, interpersonal relationships, social interaction, behavioral conduct, and the development of effective coping skills for a child/youth and his or her primary caregiver in support of goals in a comprehensive treatment plan.

Parenting and Skill-Building Programs

Parenting and skill-building programs are designed to improve parental effectiveness by providing a clear parenting philosophy and a set of positive parenting skills and strategies that can be used immediately to address a variety of child-rearing challenges and problems. These programs

• Increase parental confidence
• Reduce parental stress and anxiety
• Improve parenting skills
• Reduce or eliminate spanking and hitting
• Improve parent-child relations
• Reduce child behavior problems
• Improve child self-esteem
• Improve child adjustment
• Improve child academic performance

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